Bluemsx core help

I got the bluemsx core to work finally and many games work finely but there one game that is asking me for “Insert sound cartridge”. How would i do that?

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Try going into options in the quick menu and changing the mapper type. Is this a Konami game? They used special sound hardware for many of their games and the mapper will need to be changed to the correct one if auto doesn’t detect it. Try the mappers for SCC, SCC expanded, SCC mirrored, SCC plus, Snatcher and SD snatcher. You’ll need to reload the core every time you try it out but once you’ve got it working, save the game options. Let me know if that works or not. I had to do a lot of figuring out when I switched from standalone BlueMSX to the Libretro core.

Also, go into your system folder and see if you’ve got a Databases folder with the xml files for the machines BlueMSX emulates. If not, I might be able to help.