[Bounty $10] translate mame2003-plus cheat.dat to RetroArch cheats

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github issue link: https://github.com/libretro/mame2003-plus-libretro/issues/467

One area in which RetroArch has advanced during the last months is with regards to cheats. I understand that it is now possible to use RA to find arcade cheats in memory and save the new cheat in native RA format. Therefore it’s theoretically possible create the same cheat in RA as in cheat.dat and compare them.

Someone has done this! Some processing and manipulation may be in order, but they are claiming that the offset between MAME cheat format and RetroArch cheat format is consistent.

Current status

Preliminary work has already been done to create a process for translating MAME format cheats to RetroArch cheat format (including the “old MAME cheat format” which I believe is what we use here).

There is a prototype available for reference although it isn’t clear to me that it is ready for use. Between the github repository, the github issue, and the forum thread I have the impression that this is a viable project even if some more work needs to be done.


MAME 0.78 cheat format(s)

MAME 0.78 supported what was at the time both the “old” and “new” formats. These formats described in detail in the header of the cheat.dat: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/libretro/mame2003-plus-libretro/master/metadata/cheat.dat


Ability to migrate cheats in a programmatic or scripted way from mame2003-plus cheat.dat to RetroArch cheats format.