[Bounty $50] mame2003-plus: implement libretro lightgun API

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Current lightgun support

MAME 2003-Plus ‘supports lightguns’ in the following way:

  1. The lightguns must be set in hardware or the operating system to emulate a mouse
  2. We rely on undocumented RetroArch behavior that passes mouse input directly to the core even though this core does not implement the mouse input interface
  3. MAME 2003-Plus has a lightgun input interface – however we do not use this MAME code within the core, instead using the mouse input fallback codepath for lightguns


Implement the libretro lightgun API

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Bounty bumped to $25 – thanks @TillmanZ !

For what Device would this be for? Would be great under Android, Vita and 3DS (Especially the N3DS).

Android/Windows and Vita - Touchscreen and/or Controller/Mouse - Offscreen (Boarder Touch) Reload or L1/2. R1/2 to shoot Input. For PC, also use Button Inputs for Fire, Mouse to move the Crosshair.

3DS/N3DS - CNub or Joystick.

@markwkidd give me a break on the bounties till next year!!! 2 great ones on the trott lol

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@Thatman84 thanks for your ongoing support and yeah I know what you mean! Knock on wood I think there are no new bounties I feel compelled to set up right now hehe

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The beauty of implementing the lightgun API as opposed to the current mouse-based lightgun support is that theoretically any platform which has RetroArch will be able to interface with the lightgun support with whatever controls are most appropriate on the user’s system.

In other words, once this is feature is mature, it should be practical to use any controls for a lightgun that are already usable in RetroArch just as you suggest.