Bounty for mame195 with separate properties Android

Basically I’m looking 4 mame195 core for android but compiled with separate properties from the current mame core…I want to have mame195 from the buildbot and have a recompiled mame195 but where I can have core settings like boot to bios or cli …main reason is if I choose the boot to bios option turned on then it stays on for the core system wide…i use a frontend and need this option for only a few games…if this option is turned on then no mess systems boot up…offering $20 or name ur price :slight_smile:

best way to offer bounty is to post an issue in the github page, and then link that to bountysource and put in the offer.

Ok…thanks… is there a link for the github by any chance… I never used that or wrote on here b4 so don’t know my way around

latest mame-libretro issue page should be here

bountysource is here:

i believe that after you create an issue in mame page, link that to bountrysource in that POST button.

This may be covered by a bounty I have posted or could be put under the same umbrella.

It’s for improving the overrides system to include overrides by content directory. Core options I know are different but it may be worth combining efforts to make the bounty more attractive

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This issue

Bountysource is a tough site to navigate on my phone struggling to find the bounty

So the handheld electronic games setup has been made available for hyperspin but I got no takers yet for a specialized mame core …basically it’s impossible for android users to play those games without interfering with mess systems…thinking I should bump up the bounty from 20 to 50…maybe then someone can compile a mame core that doesn’t interfere with the other mame cores…any thoughts on me bumping up the ante or do yall think a separate core is so minimal that it wont be worth it to anyone…