[Bounty] RetroAchievements Tab


Hallo, i have money 1000 CZK monthly , i can pay after ask and answer about this job >

Achievements is one of most important think on console gaming. When buy console, buy games, and create account, player be added to unofficial tournament , achievements run. Look on XBOX 360, players respect others by his G number around achievements. Its description of money in games and player activity self.

We in retroarch have achievements integrated with great project =RetroAchievements. Supported system are 8-bit NES & SEGA , 16-bit SNES & SEGA & PC-Engine , Gameboy, color, advance, & N64.

direct to work

its most important retroarch and lakka have retroachievements good integrated to his menus

main thing of playing games is unlock achievements and share with other players in community

target of Bounty >

XMB retroarch and lakka must have tab , scheme of achievements , similar to XBOX 360

main menu - cheevos tab - system selection - game selection - achievement selection - with details

must have icons what is used in retroachievements phpbb forum and details by achievement

i want cheevos tab specially with cheevos , start talk about it to look as XBOX 360


I dont know much about retroachievements but they sound cool and i will be getting stuck in to them in the future.

Sounds like a good bounty request.

What country are you from?


Czech Republic

retroachievements are implemented now , my request is Tab with icons , better list of achievements in separate menu