Bsnes 107 core? Its possible?

A new bsnes 107 has been released today. A existing core will be updated to match the 107 version, or a full new core must be created for that? Will be possible to use that emulator in Retroarch?

Dunno. We have to see how it fits in with the rest of the code. If it’s a drop-in replacement for the existing bsnes dot-based PPU, we can probably do it.

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It should be a separate core. This new 107 version is different than the older BSNES in that it’s mostly focused on performance.

Byu said it’s accuracy is about at the same level as the bsnes-performance core. So dunno, if it has to replace one core it could be that.

A shallow fork of 107 with the one frame lag fix and the higan core’s high res mode downsampling feature (forgot what themaister called it) would be sick :grinning:

Unfortunately, it seems there are a bunch of internal changes that make it more difficult than a drop-in replacement, so someone familiar with the codebase would have to update the port. I think hex_usr is probably the most likely candidate, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

bsnes v108 is out :smiley: