BSnes HD runs Msu1 audio games?

Thats is my question. I load the bml file but the game stays in black screen. With Bsnes mercury accuracy all my msu1 games loads ok, but this emu is based in a old bsnes version (0.94). Maybe i have to actualize all my msu1 games, or Bsnes HD dont run msu1 at all?

EDIT I tried all Mercurial magic converter options for a fresh new msu1 rom (Knights of the Round). The game loads without cd audio, or dont load at all.


I don’t think MSU1 is hooked up for libretro just yet.

OK. Its not my fault, then. Thanks for the info.

The author have plans for add the msu1 support for this emulator?

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yeah, it’s something he’d like to hook up, but no ETA.