Bsnes mercury accuracy

Hey guys!

I built a dedicated emu pc a few years back, basically configured it as as console, disabled all updates, disconnected it from the internet and put mouse/keyboard in a drawer. Did some upgrades today (which included an R7 260x) to take advantage of the (for me) new switchres feature; reinstalled windows to get a fresh start. I then installed the newest Retroarch, where I wasn’t able to find bsnes mercury accuracy, the core I used to relay on snes.

Is this a temporary thing connected to the recent hacking incident? (which I also learned about just now… pisses me off, will donate to support the community in response.) Or have all the forks been combined into a single core now?

And also, is bsnes accuracy still the most accurate core? I have a ridiculous CPU for a dedicated emu pc, espescially one running games in 240p and such, so don’t care about performance hits, just want the best experience possible.



“bsnes” is the most accurate core now. The accuracy settings are now core options (PPU Fast Mode and DSP Fast Mode.)

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What does PPU Fast Mode and DSP Fast Mode.


They enable less accurate, but much faster emulation. Especially PPU Fast Mode has a big impact on perf. Disable these options to get the equivalent of the old “accuracy” cores.

Keep in mind that only very few games benefit from disabling PPU Fast Mode. Not sure about DSP Fast Mode. You might want to check this article out:

and test for yourself.

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So, no any plans to put online the bsnes mercury accuracy and bsnes mercury balanced cores again? :frowning:

This cores are very stable versions with cheat support. Please, don’t kill them!!

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They’re not going anywhere. They’re just not building right now after our buildbot recovery but they should be back whenever we get the new buildbot infrastructure set up.

I miss Cheat Support on BSNES.

Any Plans to Adding Cheat Support it on the BSNES Core?

Not likely, unfortunately. The memory hooks are buried pretty deeply and would require some messy unrolling to get to them.

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