Bug w/ BSNES (maybe other cores?) & Retro Achievements when Restarting

Apologies if this isn’t the right place to report a bug. Wasn’t 100% sure where to post this.

Obviously, I’m aware that BSNES doesn’t have the option to use Retro Achievements (I swapped to using SNES9x as my default SNES core ever since Launch Box integrated Retro Achievements into its UI since I wanted to use Retro Achievements). But since your Retro Achievement account remains logged in & enabled (at least the way I have my RetroArch configed), the BSNES core runs into this issue where it crashes when you use the Restart feature (as in resetting your SNES). From my testing, it only happens when games have Retro Achievements. Reset works fine when it says that there are no achievements for the game.

My current work around is simple enough since I’m using Launch Box. I made a separate RetroArch config with Retro Achievements disabled, and then load that config using a command line, but only for BSNES (–config RetroArchBSNES.cfg is the commandline & file name I use). But I wanted to report the bug in case others were having the same issue, and to make sure the dev team knows.

Also, just tested this with Blast’em for the Sega Genesis, and it also has the same issue.

Hi. What version of bsnes and retroarch are using?

Hello, I’m using RetroArch 1.8.2, and BSNES 114 (I think I included that info when I first typed this out, but I must have edited it out without thinking about it. It was also occurring with Blast’Em version 0.6.3pre, so I assume this isn’t just a BSNES thing.

I’ve heard that Bsnes does not expose the system memory to RetroArch, but I’d need to confirm that.