Bugs on Retroid Pocket 2+

Just got the RP2+ and ran into a few bugs with retroarch.

When when closing content in YabaSanshiro retroarch crashes and dies

I can’t get Dolphin to run at all, it immediately crashes when loading content. Standalone dolphin works. I’m pretty sure I set up the sys directory correctly.

Lastly, the Vulkan renderer doesn’t seem to be working at all. If I use the Vulkan driver, MupenPlus has major artifacts. If I try to use the LLE rdp or renderer it crashes immediately.

We’d need to see a log of the ParaLLEl-RDP crash. As for Dolphin-libretro, yeah, it doesn’t work on Android v9.0+ for some unknown reason.

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Here you go

Looks like the driver is missing some necessary features:

VK_EXT_external_memory_host is not supported by this device. Application might run slower because of this.

paraLLEl-RDP: Using RDRAM size of 8388608 bytes.

This device probably does not support 8/16-bit storage. Make sure you're using up-to-date drivers!

Sorry I think that was with gl driver. This is all that’s in the log with vulkan:

Using old --libretro behavior. Setting libretro_directory to "/data/user/0/com.retroarch/cores/" instead.
RetroArch 1.10.2 (Git b2ef25e)
=== Build =======================================
Capabilities:  ASIMD
[INFO] Built: Mar 24 2022
[INFO] Version: 1.10.2
[INFO] Git: b2ef25e
[INFO] =================================================
[Input]: Found input driver: "android".
[Environ]: SET_PIXEL_FORMAT: RGB565.
[Core]: Version of libretro API: 1, Compiled against API: 1
[Audio]: Set audio input rate to: 48000.00 Hz.
[Video]: Set video size to: 960x720.
[Video]: Starting threaded video driver ...
[Vulkan]: Vulkan dynamic library loaded.

I only tried it because it said supported under system info


ah, yeah, that just means it’s compiled into the program. it doesn’t actually check whether your machine can do anything with it.