Buildbot configuration being used?

I’m interested in getting started with RetroArch development - I’m mostly interested in PSP & vita platforms, but anyway… I started out thinking I’d build RetroArch & all applicable cores for the Vita, and I’d like to build it the same ways as the “official” build. So I’m wondering where I can find the actual configuration that buildbot is using now, ideally the actual buildbot .cfg file. Is that available somewhere in the github org (or anywhere else for that matter)?

BTW, I’ve tried out using the “make” in libretro/libretro-super, and These seem promising and appear to build all the cores, but doesn’t create a .vpk file (the application package for the vita).

That’s great! We would love to have someone focused on those platforms.

The buildbot uses libretro-super. Once you do the library builds, you’ll need to build RetroArch and statically link against the core libs, one to one. I think that’s with the script (never built for vita, myself).

Well I’ve tried to recreate the whole retroarch & cores, but I don’t seem to get the same as the distributed package - I end up with just one core.
Surely there is someone who knows how the buildbot actually does its work, or could find the actual script or config… how could I go about finding that?

All the buildbot does is calls on the libretro-super scripts. If only one core is getting built, it probably means it’s failing and aborting, right?

If you want to build a single core like the buildbot, do this:

SINGLE_CORE=ppsspp FORCE=YES NOCLEAN=1 EXIT_ON_ERROR=1 ./ recipes/windows/cores-windows-x64_seh-generic

Replace value of SINGLE_CORE with the desired core to build, and replace the recipe path with one for your desired target (list is at