Buildbot date modified logic

Hi all,

Does anyone have insight as to where the date modified column for files in BuildBot draws from? I’m thinking of cores in particular. I’m trying to figure out what recently changed for a few cores, but I’m finding that if you go to the core’s GitHub repo, the last commit date doesn’t agree with the last modify date in BuildBot.

For example, for the Stella atari core, it’s last modify date is 11/16

But according to its GitHub page, the last commit was 9/20/2019.

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I’m pretty sure it re-builds the same files over and over even when they don’t have changes. Sometimes it re-builds only a few files that do have changes but other times you will see almost the entire collection being re-built for no reason, except for a few older, obsolete cores.

The only way to know there was a change in a core is when you overwrite the previous one and there is a difference in the file size. Even if it’s only a few bytes it will notify you that the new file is either bigger or smaller. That’s when you know it was actually updated.

Yeah, it’s pretty confusing and the lack of a changelog means you never know what’s changed, unless there is an announcement about a big change for a core, like how they announce changes and additions in the Dreamcast core lately.

There is a file called .index-extended which contains the crc32 of all cores and their dates as well.

Just append .index-extended to the end of the URL you want, i.e:

Make sure you’re looking at the github repo that’s being pulled from. That is, stella2014 is a different core from stella (with no year after it), which is built from the upstream repo: