Building a cheap FrankenPC for a friend.. R7 265 a bad idea?

Building a “price conscious” emulation PC for a friend. It will only really be used for RA, Dolphin (stand alone) and PCSX2. I found an i5-4690 and a R7 265 in my hoard of old parts. I keep reading that AMD is horrible at OpenGL and that OpenGL is preferred (mandatory?) in most cores. Is this going to be a problem for 8bit, 16bit and 32bit stuff (with CRT shaders)?

Should i just buy a used Nvidia card?

AMD’s problems are greatly exaggerated online, and Nvidia has driver problems of its own. I would go with what you have on-hand and then consider upgrading if you run into problems.

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Thought that might be the case. Thanks, i’ll give it a go.