Built core crashes Retroarch Switch

Hello everyone,

I tried to compile Mupen64Plus-Next for Retroarch on the Nintendo Switch, except things did not go as expected… So basically I managed to compile the core (.nro file) but once I try to load it through homebrew (title redirection on) it just crashes “The software was closed because an error occured”.

What’s strange is that I compiled the same core from the same repo for Retroarch Linux multiple times, and each time the core would load and launch games correctly. Also the .nro file I get is waaaaaay heavier than the one you get from the stable releases of Retroarch (around ~40MB)

This is my first time doing this, so I might have done a stupid error, or forgotten something. I also noticed that changing the video driver to “switch” instead of “gl” lets me load the core, but yeah. I’m unable to load any game from there, the application exits with the same error as before. I also tried building the core with a virtual machine, but the same error occurs.

I followed the small tutorial here to compile the core: https://docs.libretro.com/development/retroarch/compilation/switch-libnx/

And this is the log I get from NXLink (same log each time, with minor differences): https://pastebin.com/BHM0wdKX

I’m using Linuxmint 19.3, using the latest “develop” branch from mupen64plus-next and the latest version of Retroarch, available on git