Can Retroarch 64 (PlayStore) and Retroarch 32 coexist?

Can i have both installed? They don’t share the same folders or anything, so no chance to mess my Retro 32 installation…?

Great. Gonna try the new one asap. I’ve had some strange A/V sync issues with the 32 bits one in some cores, hoping 64 is the solution :slight_smile:

What is the advantage of using 32 bit version instead of 64 one?

Some cores have optimizations for 32-bit ARM that aren’t compatible with 64-bit. PCSX-ReARMed is a notable example.

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Recent mame cores are 32 only.

so I ask… what advantages with 64 bit version?

Some cores run significantly faster, notably Beetle-PSX/-HW. It’s also just the default when using the app from the Play Store, and 32-bit compatibility may go away at some point (Apple’s already done it)