Cannot launch citra on radeon machine

im trying to use the citra core. I tried it on my main pc which currently has a radeon rx570 8gb .I have also tried running it on my other pc through a network share, and for some reason it seems to work fine on my other pc running on nvidia 745 . im not sure why it is not running on my main pc with the radeon, but i have tried changing citra run on different vido drivers : dx9-12 ,open gl ,glcore and vulkan without success.

i ran the log file and i getting this error on my radeon pc :

int proct[libretro ERROR] Render.OpenGL @ video_core/renderer_opengl/gl_shader_util.cpp:OpenGL::LoadProgram:101: Error linking shader: Program Link Failed for unknown reason.

[libretro ERROR] Debug @ video_core/renderer_opengl/gl_shader_util.cpp:OpenGL::LoadProgram::<lambda_1>::operator ():105: Assertion Failed! Shader not linked

does anyone know how to correct this error ?

Yes, unfortunately, there’s an interaction between Citra and AMD’s drivers that upstream Citra team resolved by updating the requirements for running the emulator to OpenGL 4.3. We haven’t decided how to approach that yet. Here is the issue for it on github, if you care to track it:

In the meantime, the fixes are to use an older Citra core or use an older AMD driver.

Well how far should i roll the driver back ? i was on 22.7.1 and moved up to 23.1 yesterday , im not sure wat core i should roll back to …

22.6.1 is the last versin where citra really runs nice on

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