Cannot play large PGM games on WiiU

I am using the latest 1.8.1 rpx version. Large PGM games (such as Knights of Valor 2, The Gladiator) are not playable. I have tried FB Alpha 2012 and FinalBurn Neo cores. In FB Alpha 2012 core, RA crashes. In FinalBurn Neo core, these games can be loaded but freeze after starting. Small PGM game such as Knight of Valor is running ok in FB Alpha 2012 core, but has broken sound in FinalBurn Neo core. WiiU has 2GB memory, and it can successfully handle large NEOGEO and CPS3 games. I believe memory shouldn’t be a problem.

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Same Problem with Me DDPDOJ and KETSUI and ESPGALUDA Only Playable with Sound Lacks

@zhuwz most pgm big-endian issues were fixed by (at the very least theglad and kov2 now work properly on big-endian hardware such as wiiu & ps3)

Edit : turns out the games are now playable but the sound isn’t fixed

it needs testers, but fbneo should be fine with pgm games on big-endian hardware now