Cannot save on fire stick 4K Max

I installed retroarch officially through the fire stick 4K Max. Every time I go to save a state it sits at 0% with the hourglass spinning and it never works. I have tried changing the location of the save states and save files, different cores, different games, and turning on and off different settings (for example compression, sorting into cores and directories,etc) I have allowed ‘install from unknown sources’ and turned on ADB in the fire stick settings. The most annoying part is retroarch worked flawlessly on my old fire stick from a few years ago until it unfortunately died. I bought the 4K Max, excitingly thinking that the upgraded GPU and faster processor would allow me to run GameCube, Nintendo 64 or possibly even PS2 games. But I can’t even get it to work properly with Genesis. The games work fine but there’s no point in playing if you can’t save. If anybody knows how to fix this please let me know. I’ve tried every possible thing I can think of but I can’t find a solution. Also if you know where to find the latest updated version of retroarch for firestick please let me know, I was thinking I could maybe try side loading a later version. But I’m having trouble finding it.