Cant access USB drive on Miui 13

Dear all, Im using latest nightly build of RA64 bit from yesteday but i cant load roms from my external USB drive on Miui 13. Using the nightly build made the USB drive appear um the filé browser (under /mnt/media_rw/xxxx-xxxx) but if I go inside thia folder no subfolder appears, only the notice “folder not found”.

All help appreciated!

I have exactly the same problem on my Lenovo yoga tab 13 (snapdragon 870, Android 12) i have tried multiple versions of retroarch and i cant see anything. All other apps so far can see it. Solid explorer, John Ness. Daijsho, duckstation. Very strange. Any help is aprichiated.

Same issue on Google Pixel Pro 7 with Android 13. Unable to see any external USB device in the file browser

Same issue here with nightly build Jan 18th 2023 on a Samsung galaxy s21 with android13 and snapdragon 888 cpu.

It sees that I have an sd card mounted and the xXxX-xxxx numbers and letter change as I use different sd cards or external hdd. I’ve tried multiple cards of multiple different sizes and external hdd in multiple formats. Fat32, exfat, ext4. Nothing works. Dig nor any other launcher can launch any games to retroarch even though dig can see the sd cards and files on sd cards and external hdds properly.

NOTE: I am using a usb type c hub/doc with power distribution, usb 3 ports, Ethernet, HDMI and display ports but the phone can see everything perfectly and I can play games through zeta touch off my external hdd. The phone can’t see the sd cards in ext4 format (which I thought was odd since its the phones native format) but in fat32 or exfat depending on sd card or hdd size it works without issue.

Please get this fixed. I really love using retroarch as I’m familiar with it for years now. I really don’t want to have to download each emulator individually from the play store and not have an all in one solution with menus and settings I’m used to.

Im gonna bump this, still have the problem, anyone have a clue?

Exact same problem here as well. Pixel tablet on Android 14

Why is it still not fixed…? Retroarch still can’t read my fully loaded SSD on Android 13 Lenovo Tab Extreme.