Can't change Hotkeys

For some reason I have the Multiply key and Mouse button 1 set as Disc Eject Toggle. But I can’t see how to change it. When playing ScummVM point and click, every Mouse click brings up a “null” notification!

I’ve tried to select it in the settings menu, but it won’t accept input.

Is there anyway I can change this?

you should be able to go to settings > input > hotkeys and unmap them using the ‘del’ key or retropad-start to return it to the default mapping (which should be blank AFAIK).

Nope, doesn’t work. I click the hotkey button in the settings and the RetroArch background goes dark. But no deletion of bindings.

I tried direct in the main xmb interface too, which it allows binding but won’t remove the Mouse 1 option! It shows: “(Key:del),Mouse 1” the key changed from whatever the combo was before to the DEL key instead of deleting the assignment.

Btw, none of these were blank by default. They were almost all assigned. I have removed most but left it, came back to it and found that I can no longer change these assignments.

I managed to change the “(Key:del),Mouse 1” config to “(Key:del),Mouse 3” so this at least frees up the left mouse button. Should be able to disable this imho though.