Can't disable cheats (using psx beetle hw HELP!)

I’m using the psx beetle hw core and using cheats for Brave Fencer Musashi. I enabled some cheats like infinite health. But when I turn them off save the changes and restart the game the cheats are still on. So why is this happening and how do I disable the cheats?

I deleted the cheat list completely closed out of Retroarch and when I load the game the cheats are still activated…

Can’t say for sure, but I find myself having to apply settings, and then save overdrives from lowest lowest level to as high as game or core override depending on where I want it. Did you try disabling cheats and then saving that as a game override?

I got it to work. It was one code that was leaving a defect even if you turn off the cheat. Just had to load a previous save state and never use the code again. The rest of the codes I used could be used and disabled and enabled normally. Weird.