Can't Figure out .lst Files for Reicast + Not Loading Reicast

So the Main Naomi Game I want to play is Vitrual NBA but I don’t quite Understand This:

The last value of the .lst file specifies the size of the .dat/.bin file in hexademical value.

Here is an example of the .lst file used for Toy Fighter –

Toy Fighter “Toy Fighter.dat”, 0x0000000, 0x05800000

I am terrible at Maths so I have no idea how to *The last value of the .lst file specifies the size of the .dat/.bin file in hexademical value.

May I please get some Help?

I tried looking at the .lst file that was listed there and it said:

Virtua NBA "Virtua NBA.dat", 0x0000000, 0x0B000000

but that Did not work

Also when it Retroarch I can’t see the .lst File and also not .dat File. Why is that and how Do I fix that too?

Update your core info files in the online updater if you can’t see .lst files when doing “load content” in retroarch.
Get the latest Reicast core(s) too which support them.
Then the hex value should be ok if it’s in the .lst grabbed from here.

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Thanks for the Tip. I have not Updated the Core Info so that could be a Big Reason.

What is the Best/Right way to download from GitHub? Would I have to Edit the .lst Files from there though?

Click on a lst you want, then on the “raw” button, right click “save file as”.
Change the name of the file in the lst if yours differ then.

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Okay. Thanks.

So just changing Name to be same as the .dat/.bin file? So don’t have to change any Text in the .lst File


Got it working. Though has Slowdown

can someone please put a step by step process up. I am struggling here. had just a black screen when the game loaded and now retroarch shuts down.

First, be sure to comb through:

Make sure the file names for the LST file, the dat, and the folder they are within are named as specified in the LST (they should all be the same):

Here’s an example of how an .lst file should look:

Marvel vs. Capcom 2
"Marvel vs. Capcom 2.dat", 0x0000000, 0x0889B600

Create a folder named Marvel vs. Capcom 2

and place

Marvel vs. Capcom 2.lst

Marvel vs. Capcom 2.dat

within it.

You also need to use the naomi bios (epr-21576g.ic27).

Place it within Retroarch\system\DC\

It needs to be renamed to “naomi_boot.bin”.

If using the Reicast OIT core note that it requires OpenGL.

The LST files (and correct info) are already created here: (you may have to create the files yourself, can’t just right-click download)

since you guysaren’t implementing this on Android devices,how do we go about adding the latest reicast from the reicast website to retroarch,the last few builds have Naomi lst support built in…we just need to add it to retroarch on our devices ourselves,the same way you add ports

Everything you say is correct, but you don’t need to create a different folder for every game. I have all the bins and dats and lsts in the same directory and everything works well. It’s important to load the lst file too, not the bin or dat. I made a custom playlist for these games, that I called “Sega - Arcade Naomi”, and for which I created assets.

In RA, it shows as


Sadly that Link is Dead.

Where can I find them now?

Nowhere, you don’t need them, use MAME naomi/atomiswave roms instead, dat/bin + lst is deprecated in flycast, it still works though but the lst file isn’t even needed anymore, you can directly load your dat/bin file.


Thanks for the Update Mate.

Good to hear Mame Roms work

Can also confirm that the MAME Roms work great in Flycast. However, Atomiswave is running slow at times on the Switch, but runs perfectly on PC :smiley: .

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