Cant find any files like remaps, retroarch.cfg

Hello, both on the android tv device (file explorer) and on my pc via ftp connection i cant find the retroarch.cfg, the remaps or any other files. i can see the folders but there are no files.

Its a lineageos system

what can i do?

The files are definitely there if RetroArch is functioning. You can double-check the locations by going to settings > directory, but you may need to use RetroArch’s “storage provider” capability with a compatible file browser to navigate to and modify files in those locations.

Thank you, but what is the RetroArch’s “storage provider”?

It’s this:

I don’t know the specifics of making any given file browser/manager work with it, but that’s the framework we expose.

What have i to do? Do i need root permissions? Sry, my english isnt good as it could

You don’t need root, but I don’t have any other information to provide, as I haven’t actually used it myself.

Apparently the problem lies with the Android developers who block file access with “Scoped Storage”. I’m totally disappointed right now.

Is there a solution?

The solution is to make the APP a Document Provider like the issue I just opened here, after finding the proper term for the feature in latest Dolphin’s blog post.

Kodi is also a Document Provider so you can interact with its configuration folders.

Here is a topic I opened half a year ago about the same subject.

This is actually a very important feature IMO, so I really would like to see some progress on this front for Android, bounty required or not. You can’t really configure the APP at all in its current state as you do in desktop.

I have used RetroArch before. It could open files. I tested it again, and it could not open any files. I believe this is the subject matter of the topic. How do I make RetroArch able to open files again? The storage unit appears, but it shows up as being empty.

Scratch that. I figured it out. First, I made an attempt to scan the folders. This opened up an option in the app’s permissions to allow a permission that was linked to files. This enabled me to find docs.