Cant get Dolphin GC Core working in latest build?

So havent use the Dolphin core for a while and am just trying to play some Luigi’s Mansion, I have gotten the Sys folder from ( and placed it in /retroarch/system/Dolphin-emu/ but the core wont load the game just a black screen then crashes retroarch.

Log file

Either switch to a different video driver (such as glcore or vulkan) or go to settings > core and disable “allow cores to switch the video driver”

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Thanks, that worked!

Can HD Texture packs be used with the Dolphin core?, if so where does the HD texture folder need to be placed?

I think it should work. You would need to put it in the same place as with standalone within the folder structure it creates.

The only issue with that is with the stand alone emulator when you install it it also creates a dolphin folder in My Documents on the PC and you need to place the HD texture packs in…

\Documents\Dolphin Emulator\Load\Textures\

not sure how you can do this with the RA core?

It’s in your ‘saves’ directory (check settings > directory to be sure where that is): saves\User\Load\Textures

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