Can't get "Lupin The Third - The Shooting" to reload in Flycast

Hey guys!

I have everything configured correctly, other flycast arcade games are working ok (Extreme Hunting, Confidential Mission, HOTD2, ETC)

But in Lupin, aim and shooting works ok, I just can’t get the reload to work.

Any Advice is appreciated!

also it works on my end with the sinden lightgun , it has offscreen reloading so you shot beside the game/window to reload

I just can’t make it reload (tried button and offscreen reload), I’m using a Gun4ir, maybe a rom issue? I’ll give it a last try tomorrow to see if that’s the problem.

I renamed the CHD to make it work (gds-0018.chd to gds-0018a.chd), maybe that’s the issue…

hmm never used the gun4ir … did you get offscreen reloading to work in other games ?

Lethal Enforcers II or area 51 are good games to test this

All other games of the same core are working fine, I updated the core and the CHD, no dice, so whatever, I’m just going to delete that one