Can't Hide Mouse on Game & Watch Core

To my knowledge, the Game & Watch core is the only core where the mouse appears onscreen upon booting a game. It’s kind of annoying, just because I gotta move the mouse off-screen to make the experience immersive. Is this an oversight or is there a setting I can configure to remove the mouse?

It’s a known bug. Happens with MAME too:

I press F11 to hide it when it happens for now.

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@Awakened Thanks for the reply. Glad to know that this is a known issue and is being worked on. Thank you!

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Hi, I understand this bug might be being worked on right now. Does that explain why I can no longer download the “Game & Watch (GW)” core anymore ?

I ran Retroarch (1.7.0) -> Online Updater -> Core Updater But I can no longer see the Game & Watch core available in the list any more, is everyone also experiencing the same?