Can't join to #retroarch

hello folks, i can’t join to #retroarch irc channel on It says: “You have been kicked from #retroarch by ChanServ (Invite only channel)”

Yeah, someone’s squatting it. Libera has a process for getting control of it, but it’s a bit of a runaround/hassle. I did most of it but some of it needs to be done by Twinaphex and I don’t assume he ever followed through with it.

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Having the same issue, I went there to ask something and to hang out in general but I keep getting kicked out. Is there anything I can do to help? Some specific IRC nickname I can ping?

No clue. Like I said, it’s being squatted but an unknown party.

This is what I’ve been told by liberachat’s support:

Ideally, someone with claim to the RetroArch project would contact Libera and go through the group registration process as per the project registration process can be used to release control of a channel to the appropriate people/group

Yes, as I mentioned, I’ve contacted them and did everything I could, but some of it requires Twinaphex, and he hasn’t done his part. Unless/until that changes, I guess the squatter gets it. There is a #libretro channel there, as well, where I idle, but there is no action there, for the record.

Update: the channel is now unblocked and everyone can join! yay! thanks to the nice liberachat people! :slight_smile: however keep in mind that Twinaphex should still go through the formal registration process and get channel ownership properly assigned to the team’s people See you on IRC!

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So I ask again: any way I can ping Twinaphex? email, irc, xmpp, forum, github…? Is he even aware of this issue requiring his action?

you can email him: libretro -at- gmail -doot- com