Can't load Sony Playstation Play core

Will not load, cannot play any playstation 2 games.

Can you post a log of you trying to load a game? which game(s) are you trying to load?

I cant get the Sony PlayStation core to load so I can play ps2 games with retroarch on my windows 10 pc.

Make a log file. See:

(IMO, one shouldn’t have to create log files to see errors. When a core fails to load, the error should be shown inside RetroArch. Failing silently on critical errors is not nice.)

The desktop menu has a toggle-able dock (in the ‘views’ pulldown) that shows the log output live.

What I need is to someone to tell me what to do to get Sony PlayStation Play to work in retroarch on my windows 10 PC

We already told you. Look at the log file to see why it doesn’t work.

I’m sorry, I am a novice on the computer. I finally got the core to load. Now I need to know if anyone can tell me what roms run on Play. All the ones I have run really, really slow. I’m using a laptop with windows 10.