Can't recognize all my roms on Mac OS 10.11.6 but on Windows yes. Bug?

Hi! I have a problem with the recognition of my roms, specially for NES, PSX, Neo Geo (Final Burn Alpha) and others console.

I have installed the latest version of Retroarch on my Macbook Pro running Mac Os El Capitan 10.11.6 (1.7.7). I tried everything… enabling the searching for all types of file in settings menu, scanning singular roms, adding different cores, but nothing seems to work to find all the roms.

I have Retroarch even on my Windows 10 64 bit PC (1.7.4, oldest version) and here Retroarch finds all my roms with no problem!

I noticed that if I use the “Load content” option in the main menu, and search the “invisible roms”, they work.

At this point I think that it may be a bug in the Mac OS version of Retroarch.

Does anyone have my same problem? What can I do?

Can anybody help me please? Cause I really don’t understand where is the problem :thinking:

Make sure you have updated databases and have installed at least one core for each of the games you’re trying to scan.

Yes, i’ve already done that. I have alsp tried to install additional cores for the emulators that don’t recognize all my roms, but same results :frowning_face:

Oh well, I don’t have any more troubleshooting suggestions. Your best option now is to open the desktop menu (F5) and just drag-and-drop your unrecognized games into a playlist that bypasses the scanner.

I’m on my Macbook and i’m trying to do what you told me. I reduced Retroarch to a window, holding down the FN button and pressing F5, but nothing happens. I tried anyway to drag and drop the list of my NES roms in the Retroarch window, but nothing happened :sweat_smile: Can you explain me better this thing of “playlists”? Thanks a lot for help!

Playlists are not necessary. They just put your games in a list that make it easy to browse. I don’t use them, personally, and always just ‘load core’ > ‘load content’.

If pressing F5 isn’t working, do you have an entry on your Main Menu that says ‘Show Desktop Menu’?

If it exists, I cannot find it. I searched in “Input” menu, but i don’t see it.