CAVE CV1000 FBNEO , Run Ahead possible in the future?

hi members , I was wondering now that CV1000 is supported in FBNEO that Run Ahead may be possible on lower end PCs.

I’ve read that enabling it on most PCs results in issues , quite simply you need a ultra powerful CPU. So I’m hoping that in the future more coding is done to get it to work on lower end systems.

Is that a dream or reality ?

anyways chat soon

I don’t think the FBNeo devs have any plans to work on a dynamic recompiler for the SH2(?) CPU, which is what would be needed to make it significantly faster (that is, this is what MAME added awhile back to get a big boost in speed for these games).

Nope, currently even an ultra powerful CPU won’t handle this (tested on i7-12700K).

The ~170MB savestates are the main bottleneck here, and i have no doubt they can be reduced in single instance runahead now that we have a proper mean to detect the savestate context (see my last retroarch PR). It’ll still require a powerful cpu though.

Indeed, we won’t write SH-3 dynarecs.

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thanks for replying guys and the explaination , makes sense now.