CFG file parameter video_shader = not working

I did the update to the stable 1.7.8 version keeping my old cfg file with all my setup configuration.

The shader wasn’t loading automatically when I start a game. I tried to change some parameeters without any sucess. Then I decided to start a new configuration from the default.

I noticed that the new configuration wasn’t writing the video_shader = “” parameter in the cfg file.

There was any change in that option?

Correct. That option is now gone.

scroll down to the section labeled “shader usability changes”

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Thank you! I will check it.

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I read the documentation. So, basically now they work in the core/content dir/romname system overrides, like any cfg.

It’s ok, but I don’t understand why you had to remove the video_shader parameter, which was very useful, at least for me. I have lots of specific cfg for content, cores and lots of overrides for specific games. Now I can redo all this with the ystem explained here:

Which is Ok, but again, I don’t see the need to remove the video_shader parameter and invalidating configurations from previous versions, forcing users to waste hours redoing the configurations.

Anyway, the shader reference system looks like a good idea, and in general I understand the new shader system organization is a good improvement.


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video_shader was part of why shaders would sometimes be applied to cores that weren’t supposed to have them, among other strange and unpredictable behaviors. You can usually get a similar functionality by using the new --set-shader command line switch.