Cg shaders , nvidia shield and normal shaders not loading

Android retro arch, on Nvidia shield I load CRT ROYAL , error loading it, won’t load Some load, CRT LOTTES and a few more, lots will not… what gives?

Also I have some custom shaders, CG format, where do they go and will they work?

Cg shaders don’t work on Shields, AFAIK. It’s all GLSL shaders with the GL driver or slang shaders with vulkan.

Why won’t the CRT royale and others load then what’s the deal with that?

Nvidia Shield and other mobile devices use GLES instead of desktop OpenGL, and GLES is pickier about some things than desktop GL when it comes to shaders. In the case of crt-royale, GLES doesn’t allow you to declare global variables outside of the main function, which royale does a lot, and it would be a huge amount of work (and probably negatively affect performance) to correct that.

So, if you want to use crt-royale on mobile GPUs, you’re pretty much stuck using vulkan with slang shaders.