Change Controller ports?

Trying to work out how, if at all, I could switch controller ports in RetroArch.

For example, in Battletoads (NES) if you start the game with only Player 2 plugged into the console, you can play as the orange character instead of the green one.

Is there a way, once the game is loaded, to just change what port the controller is plugged in, so to speak?

I think you’d need to go into settings > input > user 2 input binds and set the device index to your gamepad and then remove it from user 1’s device index.

So there wouldn’t be a way to do it if, say, player 1’s controls were mapped to WASD and player 2 was mapped to IJKL on the keyboard? It would have to be using native controller mapping?

I had the exact same problem, I wanted to switch between my Xbox controller and N64 for different simulations. You just gotta go to Settings > input > port 1 controls, then go to “Device Index” and you can switch between the different saved button maps you have saved by pressing left or right. If you’re using controller, the left and right only work on the Input 1 control so when you switch after pressing left or right, you’ll have to switch to the controller that became Input 1. Works the same thing with the “Device Type” option if you want to use the analog sticks on a PlayStation 1. Hope this helps, friend.

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