Change Keys/Buttons for Functions Globally

I want to change some of the global functions so they respond to different keys or buttons. I don’t mean I want to change the layout of my controllers.

For example, normally Hotkey-Player1Start will exit the game and go back to EmulationStation. Without remapping my keys, since I have an Exit button on my console, can I specify Hotkey-Exit would exit the game?

I’m thinking a few changes like this would make it easier for friends to operate everything when I have parties.

Is that a retropie thing? I don’t think it’s a RetroArch thing… As far as RetroArch is concerned, if you can make a keyboard/gamepad event, you can probably map stuff to it.

It may be a RetroPie thing, coming in from that direction, I can’t always be sure what’s specific to RetroPie and what’s not.

I just want to make Hotkey-Exit universal for all games without having to edit half a dozen config files. (There’s a few other keys I want to change, too. Of course, the fewer places I change them, the easier it is to maintain them.)

I had to think about this for a bit to find the best way to explain what I’m thinking about and why I think it’s RetroArch and not RetroPie. If I’m wrong and it’s RetroPie, maybe this will help me find a way to post it there, since I’m not getting any response there.

I mentioned using Hotkey-Player1Start to exit a game. This works for Mame-lr2003 and AdvMame and, I assume for all games in all systems. There’s a number of other functions that work in all the games (at least on RetroPie) but they all require the Hotkey. For instance, Pause and Reset, to reset the game back to the start and Quick Menu. (On my system the default is Hotkey-Pause to pause the game. I can’t remember the default to reset it and Hotkey-X-button brings up the RGUI Quick Menu to make adjustments in the game.)

These keys (always with the Hotkey) work the same in all games. I did find, in RGUI, that I could pick the key to reset the game, so that makes me think at least some of these functions are controlled by LibRetro and configured through RetroArch. When I changed the key to reset the game, I still had to use the Hotkey in combination with the new key I picked to reset the game.

So is it RetroArch or LibRetro that specifies, for instance, what keys to press to quite a game? I can’t find it in any configuration file or screen, so it may be hardcoded, but I find it hard to believe, with all the options that can be edited, that these key (or button) commands can’t be altered.