Change Notification Font

I’m using a super-resolution on a CRT with RGUI and the font is very hard to read. Running on Raspberry Pi OS, so I don’t have the typical Windows Font situation.

I have some better fonts for this kind of setup which are designed for high horizontal resolution, but I can’t figure out what kind of file to use?

Do I need to find a TTF file and link to that, or does it support .psf as well?

Is there any documentation for this part of the RGUI menu? I didn’t see anything here:


AFAIK, RGUI and the “yellow text” notification fonts are not replaceable.

Ok. There’s an option slot for “Notification Font” in the menu. I figured I just had to find a suitable font for it. I guess it’s just a planned feature?

Yeah, I think that’s for different notifications. RGUI text and the yellow text notifications are from a font atlas…?

I can’t imagine that the option is for something else. It’s in the same sub menu that controls the othe notification options. For example, the option to turn animated notifications on and off, which changes the yellow to the blue text with a circular bubble. Also in the menu are font size and position controls. Right next to that is a “change font” option that automatically takes you to the file system.

It will change the font for the yellow text on non-RGUI menus, but I can’t get it to show anything with different fonts on RGUI.

Ok. Thanks for confirming for me. :slight_smile:

Under normal circumstances I wouldn’t even bother because the font is just fine. The only reason I was messing around with it was the stretched text. Fonts, I’ve discovered don’t scale with super resolutions. This is also an issue with just running regular Raspbian in a super resolution, but you can compensate with a custom font size. Essentially, you have to use a font converter to alter an existing set to be a multiple of your resolution, or close to it. 12x8 vs 8x12 or some such thing.

IAC, it’s not a huge issue as I can increase the font size to where it’s generally readable. Now that I know it’s not going to happen I can let it go.


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