Change turbo toggle to independent buttons, PC Engine/Supergrafx cores


The current implementation of the turbo toggle buttons has Turbo toggle I hard mapped to button IV, and Turbo toggle II hard mapped to button III.

Also, there is no way to turn off the toggle turbo buttons in the PCE Fast core. Previously, you could toggle the turbo buttons in the menu, but the new changes completely breaks that functionality.

The SuperGrafx core will allow you to toggle off the turbo toggles in the menu.

I upgraded the bounty from $25 to $70 for this. I play a lot of TurboGrafx and I find the current implementation to be awkward. I would like to see the PCE Fast Core have the ability to toggle off the turbo toggles (like the SuperGrafx core), and I would like to have the turbo toggles as separate buttons that are not tied to the III and IV buttons, that can be moved wherever the user chooses (for both cores).

Also, since the turbo toggles would be independent with the new implementation, I would like them to continue to work as intended even while in 6 button mode.

Current implementation disables the turbo toggles after toggling to 6 button mode (since they become buttons III and IV).


wait… is that really you requesting this feature from github? the turbo on/off are suppose to be moveable…


lol yes it’s me. :slight_smile:

Turbo toggle I = button IV, and Turbo toggle II = button III. You can’t move the turbo toggles without screwing up your whole control pad scheme.

Did you check out the pics I posted on github to understand why it isn’t working for me? No offense (not sure if you’re the one who implemented the toggles) but I hate the current implementation.


no, somebody else added this turbo in pce/sgx. i did modify this on sgx coz it has delays as soon as you press the buttons. I cant recall how the turbo works in pce though.

Anyways i’ve seen the pics. and assuming the turbo does work, cant seem to understand why remapping those, and then save it in “Save Game Remap” is not viable for this. Yes it does move button III and IV but the game is for 2 buttons only, so no need to think about 6 button layout for those titles. Can also set this as “Save Core Remap” since there are more 2 button games than 6 buttons.


The whole point is I’d like to use one layout for both 2 button and 6 button games. There’s a ‘toggle 2 button mode/6 button mode’ button, and when I have friends over and we’re playing games, I don’t want to have to stop them when they choose a 6 button game, go into the menu, figure out where the buttons need to go, save a game remap, then reset the game.

I want to tell them ‘Press L2 to switch to 6 button mode.’ Otherwise, what is the point of even having a ‘toggle 6 button mode’ button?


you on windows 64 bit right?



I realize most people don’t care about the changes I’m asking for, and to most people this is a non issue.

But again I play a lot of TurboGrafx (one of my favorite systems). I’ll gladly pay a bounty to anyone who can make these changes happen. It would make me happy. :slight_smile:


took awhile longer than expected…:

there should be a new core option which selects “Normal” and “Alternate” for turbo hotkey map. see how this works for you.


It’s exactly what I wanted, thanks @wertz. The only issue is, when toggling turbo I, the OSD (on screen display) states “Pad 1 Button II Turbo ON.”

It works the way it’s supposed to, my concern is it’s a little confusing for the player if both buttons give the same OSD, but function differently.

If you can fix that small issue, and give me a Supergrafx core with the same changes (“Turbo Toggle Hotkey - Alternate,” L3 and R3 toggles for turbo), I will gladly give you that bounty for $70. :slight_smile:


updated and included supergrafx, also hooked up turbo_hotkey disable/enable thingie:

see if this works.


It’s working very well. Thanks @wertz. :slight_smile:

The only thing that would make it better is if the alternate toggles still worked even in 6 button mode, but I don’t expect you to implement that. I’m happy with it.

Please make sure you claim that bounty. It has already been paid, and I want you to have it.


can someone re-share the update core builds again? The MediaFire links are now dead.


these turbo functions should be with both pce_fast and supergrafx core. so it should be available already in or online updater