Changed smartphone to ozone by mistake

Sorry guys, I mistakenly changed the menu driver to ozone on my smartphone, I don’t have any controller available and now I’m stuck with it and can’t use RetroArch nor revert back to another menu.

Is there a way to operate ozone with touchscreen and gestures only? Or at least a way to restore the menu driver to an usable one without using an external controller?


You should be able to edit the .cfg file directly from within Android and manually change the menu driver back to what you were using before (GLUI?).

Typically, in Android, the main retroarch.cfg file is stored in the “/android/data/retroarch/files/“ folder (this structure may not be exact but it should be findable).

After opening the .cfg file, the easiest way to find the menu driver may just be to do a search for “ozone” and then manually edit it to “glui” or another menu driver of your choosing.

Hope this helps!

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