Changing game controller number

Is there a way to change which game controller is used for which game in the menu? I thought all I had to do is go to Main Menu>Quick Menu>Controls>Port 1 Controls and then change the mapped port to 2 if the original 1 isn’t the right controller. But that doesn’t work.

I have a gamepad and a thrustmaster flight stick joystick and I want to use the joystick but it seems the game always goes for the gamepad. I do believe the gamepad is number 1 on my computer and I know there is a way to change that in my computer but I’m worried about that confusing Retroarch. I did have trouble with my joystick in another post.

EDIT: And yes, I do set my controller to flight stick and not to gamepad. Unless the game is choosing a different controller other than port 1.

Never mind, I figured it out. My joystick is actually mapped port number 3. The mouse is 1, gamepad must be 2, and the joystick was 3. I was changing the mapped port and couldn’t figure out why my mouse wasn’t working.

This post is solved.