Cheat code not work for Reicast ?!

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@rockmanx6 yessssssss you are a genius thank you very much :heart_eyes:

Small question why there is 4 codes for the Magnum & only the last 2 work ?

I can ask you how did you find these codes is complicated ? & why Action Replay codes do not work ?

Thank you again for your help :grinning:


Maybe Claire and Chris’s code or Steve’s code.

Through testing, many cheatcodes do not support Action Replay codes for emulation. The game console needs software support, so try some decrypted code, For example PS2, NGC, DC, SS.

Some games can’t find the cheatcode, So I use the search function to find them. It took me a long time to study these.


@rockmanx6 A big thank you very generous of you for taking time for me :heart_eyes:

Can you teach me how to find other codes for other games (Resident Evil 2 & 3 on Dreamcast) or is it too complicated for a beginner like me ?

Best regards !


Resident Evil 2 is a “Windows CE on Dreamcast” game, so sadly it is unplayable in RetroArch right now. (Unless something has changed, oh dear god someone tell me this has changed lol)


@SkyHighGam3r Hello & thank you for your answer :slight_smile:

I did not know it’s really a shame … in the future it will change ?