Cheat code not work for Reicast ?!


Hello everyone :sunglasses:

I want to find the cheat code for the game Resident Evil Code Veronica on Dreamcast.

Unfortunately all the codes that I find on the internet do not work on RetroArch why ?

How to make these codes work? There is a manipulation ?

Thanks a lot for your help :grinning:


There are cheat codes for the Reicast core already in RetroArch. You’ll need to download the cheats with the online updater in Retroarch, then select the game cheats you want to use when the game is loaded.

I’ve successfully used a cheat with Grandia 2.


Hello thanks for your answer !

I do not understand what you mean by downloading ?


You need to make sure the Cheats you are trying to use, will match the Game/Version . Now if only Cheats can be used with ReDream :frowning:


Hello I found the database of RetroArch here but the file does not contain code ?!

After I found a code search function here but I do not know how to use it!

Thank you :slight_smile:


Nobody to help me please ?


cheat0_address = β€œ2365568” cheat0_address_bit_position = β€œ0” cheat0_big_endian = β€œfalse” cheat0_cheat_type = β€œ1” cheat0_code = β€œβ€ cheat0_desc = β€œUnlimited Health” cheat0_enable = β€œfalse” cheat0_handler = β€œ1” cheat0_memory_search_size = β€œ4” cheat0_repeat_add_to_address = β€œ1” cheat0_repeat_add_to_value = β€œ0” cheat0_repeat_count = β€œ1” cheat0_rumble_port = β€œ0” cheat0_rumble_primary_duration = β€œ0” cheat0_rumble_primary_strength = β€œ0” cheat0_rumble_secondary_duration = β€œ0” cheat0_rumble_secondary_strength = β€œ0” cheat0_rumble_type = β€œ0” cheat0_rumble_value = β€œ0” cheat0_value = β€œ160” cheat1_address = β€œ2186976” cheat1_address_bit_position = β€œ0” cheat1_big_endian = β€œfalse” cheat1_cheat_type = β€œ1” cheat1_code = β€œβ€ cheat1_desc = β€œUnlock Everything” cheat1_enable = β€œfalse” cheat1_handler = β€œ1” cheat1_memory_search_size = β€œ4” cheat1_repeat_add_to_address = β€œ1” cheat1_repeat_add_to_value = β€œ0” cheat1_repeat_count = β€œ1” cheat1_rumble_port = β€œ0” cheat1_rumble_primary_duration = β€œ0” cheat1_rumble_primary_strength = β€œ0” cheat1_rumble_secondary_duration = β€œ0” cheat1_rumble_secondary_strength = β€œ0” cheat1_rumble_type = β€œ0” cheat1_rumble_value = β€œ0” cheat1_value = β€œ65535” cheat2_address = β€œ1044968” cheat2_address_bit_position = β€œ0” cheat2_big_endian = β€œfalse” cheat2_cheat_type = β€œ1” cheat2_code = β€œβ€ cheat2_desc = β€œUnlimited Ammunition” cheat2_enable = β€œfalse” cheat2_handler = β€œ1” cheat2_memory_search_size = β€œ4” cheat2_repeat_add_to_address = β€œ1” cheat2_repeat_add_to_value = β€œ0” cheat2_repeat_count = β€œ1” cheat2_rumble_port = β€œ0” cheat2_rumble_primary_duration = β€œ0” cheat2_rumble_primary_strength = β€œ0” cheat2_rumble_secondary_duration = β€œ0” cheat2_rumble_secondary_strength = β€œ0” cheat2_rumble_type = β€œ0” cheat2_rumble_value = β€œ0” cheat2_value = β€œ9” cheats = β€œ3”

this is RECV code try this code for a .cht file,,


Hello :slight_smile:

Thank you for your answer I copied the content of the message & created a file cht but it does not work the file is not accepted in RetroArch