Cheat System in RetroArch

Did the Cheat System get changed in anyway from 174 to current 178? I am unable to find anything now, because it gets stuck at a certain amount of Results. Example… for either FBA, or FBA Neo. Search for Clock Time. With 174, you can find accurate Results, and find the Cheats you need fairly quickly, depending on the Game.

Now under current 178, I am stuck with 9363 Results, where with 174, I could have found it already, but something is wrong.

By the way, apparently this is for ALL Cores, and on all Devices. So something has happened to it.

Tested on Stable and Nightly 1-7-8

Can you try the oldest nightly on the buildbot server to see if the problem is there, too? If so, we’ll have to bisect to find out when it started.

Actually, I think I was having the Problem prior to 1-7-8 as well. Was trying to find a Code for SNES, but was not able to get a Search working. Was last Week.

Also, this problem has been around for this Month apparently. A User over at GBATemp Posted the Issue on August 3rd.

UPDATE - Not sure how or why, but I just tested my x64 PC Version. Works perfectly fine. Just the other Ports.

Switch, Vita - Not working

For now, if any needs to create Cheats, find them in a Port that works, like the PC x64.

Tested on 1.7.8 FB Alpha (FB Edition) v0.2.97.44 7b482dc

RetroArch .exe File shows last Modified on 25 August 2019, but Date Created was 21 Feb 2019. Might be I just Updated through the App, not with the Setup File. Will check on my other PC. I know I Updated it with a Installer.

Edit - PC Version Cheat Search works perfectly.

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I usually just enter the gameshark code. Go to cheats-add new code to top-new code then click code and enter it.

With 176, you can find accurate Results