cheats for MAME current core


I’m new to retroarch and I use the MAME current core. I found out how to play games and they all work.

Can somebody explain me how to use cheats in MAME? I can’t find how to do it :frowning:

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RetroArch Quick: Cheats - YouTube

I hope this helps.

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I don’t think mame-current can use RetroArch’s built-in cheats, but I think you can use the core’s own cheat system by putting a cheat.7z bundle into system/mame, as per this comment:

Can you explain? Where to find thiis file and how to activate the cheats for a game?

I’m afraid I don’t know much about MAME, but googling ‘mame cheats.7z’ led to this site, which looks promising:

For activating them, I would guess you need to do it through the MAME OSD, which you bring up with the ‘TAB’ key.

  1. You download version 245 from the link @hunterk gave.
  2. From the extracted archive you only need the cheat.7z file
  3. Copy it to your retroarch/system/mame location
  4. In mame core options enable cheats support.
  5. During the game, press the tab key on the keyboard, a table with the available chetas option should be displayed. This is how you set the available cheats.
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Can you tell me where this is on Android 12? I don’t know anything about the folders and don’t even find retroarch folder :frowning:

Unfortunately I’m using retroarch for pc. No knowledge of the android version.

Can you tell me pc folder? I have a laptop too

@retroarchgirl he already did

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Does anybody know the correct Android folder?