Citra 3Ds core

Hello friends,

Quick question: should Citra core work on Android 9? After installing the core succesfully, it always gives “fail to load content” error, when trying to launch a 3ds game (the same image, works in stand-alone and lemuroid).

Thank you and happy hollydays!

I just installed it and played some Shovel Knight to test. Dunno about any other games, but that one seems to work quite well.

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Thank you hunter!

I managed to launch it as well. It was the vulkan rendering that caused the issue. I forgot that Citra is GL only :relaxed:

I’m interested in the core, as the stand alone has some serious vsync issues in anything other than 60 fps. Games with 30 fps have terrible framepacing in official Citra and mmj version. Hopefuly the amazing Retroarch sync methods, will provide much better experience.

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