Classic CRT Collection - Overlay Pack (Work in Progress)

Whoa. How are you doing the bezel reflections? Are they realtime? Do they change based on the image on the “CRT?”

Yes it’s in real time and is based on the image in the crt. It’s a custom shader in ReShade.

I’ve had to place this project on hold for a bit while I’m busy with some other things, but I might find some time this week to give you guys a release. We’ll see.


That particular pic is the only one I could find of that TV, and the harsh camera flash makes it basically unworkable for me. The lighting is all wrong unfortunately.

Hi, any progress since a few weeks?

This one would be nice. With a decent background please!:grin:

Hope to see more from your work

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@TreyM: Excellent shader work! Have you gotten a chance to package up your ReShade preset for a beta release? It looks so lovely, I’d hate to see it abandoned.

What are the custom video settings for a 720p screen?

This project isn’t dead. Real life simply got in the way. Expect some more stuff from me soon. <3


Awesome! :smiley:

Is the dynamic bezel reflection stuff something that can be ported back to normal shaders supported by e.g. RetroArch on Nvidia Shield?

What tools do people use to preview/tweak shaders in combination with these overlays? I find the RetroArch menu for choosing shaders and tweaking params very cumbersome if I want to quickly preview the different shaders and tweak params of them.

Just tried these. They all make the game look washed out. Is there some setting so that the game’s colors are unaffected?

Hey frenki,

I’m new to reshade (never heard about it before) but it looks like it would allow me to use a preconfigured shader + overlay in ALL my emulators and games ?

Can you eventually tell me the steps to achieve this based on the pack you poster ?

Thanks !!!

Hi meaning,

yes, you’re right. You can use reshade for ALL your emulators and games. I actually use ist for all myretroarch cores, as well as standalone emulators (even hatari, as the libretro core of hatari doesn’t work with contollers for me). And I use ist for old DOS games as well as windows games (sometimes combined with dgvoodoo for dx-compatibility and/or upscaling). It really works great.

I optimized some reshade shaders further more since my last posting. Now I’m able to use any CRT-Shader, with custom X-zoom, Y-zoom, X-position, Y-position, even tilting and shifting and splitting (for 3DS), (automatic) aspect correction (necessary for xenia and uw-monitior) and finally with a nice overlay.

And even better: I can control reshade with my gamepad (with the help of joy2key), so I can switch through several reshade-presets just with the press of a button - on the fly. It’s really nice playing Goldrunner ST with an overlay of the original SC1224 monitor and then just switching to the next shader with an old Panasonic TV overlay, and then to a flat shader with a nice rgb-style and lighting effects. It works flawlessly :-:smile:

I even combined it with autohotkey, so I can cycle through different sets of shaders/overlays. For example I’ve got a set of shaders optimized for C64 (with original Commodore monitors and several TV overlays from the 80s), and by triggering a short autohotkey script I can switch to a set with TV overlays from the 70s (with tilt-shift, sometime b/w, extreme curvature), just to switch to another set with modern TVs and even LCD-screen.

I will post my most recently customized reshade shaders the next days (I am very busy currently) and will be happy to help you getting it set up as you want it to be (and maybe some others are interested as well).

Cheers, frenki

PS: Thx to @TreyM for those very nice tv/monitor overlays and to @Orionsangel for all those lovely arcade overlay :heart:

Hi Frenki,

This is lovely. Thank you.

As reshade do use config files, do you think it could be possible to have a zipped pack which would be usable in retroarch, mame, etc. ? (I’m actually an old fashion guy, still using 1080p, so pretty standard) :wink:

I’m also discussion with orion here :

I think there is something nice on tracks here. people could easily snatch overlays, and apply them instantly with the right reshade parameters.

Hi meaning, no prob. I will make a zip-pack of a prefconfigured set of reshade-files, that will just work (using some of TreyM overlays). You will only have to copy it to retroarch or any other emulator. The only thing you will have to do is choose the appropriate reshade-dll (opengl/vulkan/d3d according to your gpu output driver) (I use d3d11 most of the times, but also vulkan and sometimes opengl, depending on the capabilities of the corresponding emulator). btw: I have 2 displays connected: 3440x1440 and a 4k TV. My settings dont depend on the resolution, they work with 1080p as well as with 1440p, 4K; 16/9 and 21/9. :smile:

Thanks a lot for all these incredible bezels and all your work. I’ve tested all kind of bezels with my emulators, and this CRT bezels are by far the best and most realistic of all that I’ve found.

Are you going to create more of these? It would be really awesome if there were some more of them.

hi I have an old screen pack if people are interested in creating overlay with link:

Hi Frenki!

I am most impressed by the results of CRT emulation with overlays and bezel reflections lately. TreyM overlays are beautiful, work done by HyperspaceMadness on bezel reflections is awesome and you have achieved great result with Reshade.

You mentioned to meaning that you are ready to zip-pack preconfigured set of reshade files, that will just work. Is this zip-pack available somewhere? I would be most grateful of these preconfigured files because life, family and work is consuming most of my time.

Thank you,

Hi Preparato, I didn’t know anymore that I mentioned my work with reshade :wink: But you’re asking just in the right moment. I actually plan to open a thread. I’ve been busy in summer and autumn coding my very own “super-big-mega-reshade”-shader. It’s one big .fx-shader where I combine a lot of existing code (with blur, bloom, guest-crt and so on) with some completely new functions (regarding color management, multiple layers of overlays, and even some kind of border reflection on real (!) overlay images (so the reflection frames will not be generated, but applied to the picture of a bezel. Therefore I programmed another shader which helps to identify/describe the reflecting parts of any bezel you can find out there. I call them “reflection masks”. I already

Oops. I hit “enter” too early. Also, I thought I was in a private chat with you (I keep doing this mistake over and over again :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:). Nvm, what I wanted to say: I already created about 50 refelction masks. Of course I will share them all. I hope I find the time for doing that pretty soon, maybe in the next 2 weeks. Stay tuned, cheers, Frenki

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Hi Frenki,

Thank you for your answer, Your plans for releasing Reshade shaders for CRT emulation/simulation sounds fantastic! I am eagerly waiting for the results. I did not start private conversation so that other people can possibly benefit from our conversation.

Yesterday I was up all night fiddling with Reshade and different shaders. Guest-Dr-Venom port for ReShade was absolutely the best one of CRT shaders. Your earlier in this thread was of great help on getting things running, including scalers and one for setting up overlays. I am still having great difficulty on setting up CRT shader on ReShade on ScummVM so,that pixelgrid is exact. There is some weirdness going on at horizontal resolution. I settled up on using braindx Scummvm CRT fork for the time being, but CRT effect suffers a little bit from scaling to matching overlay. There is definitely a benefit on ReShade approach, because once set up it can be used universally.

Anyways I am having a blast, and I really appreciate your hard work. By the way I still own original Commodore 1084S in pristine condition, which is connected to a C64 and an Amiga 500. I have been an emulation nut for long time (since Amiga days, playing Lucasart games on Macintosh emulator/virtualization software) and with 4K monitor a modern CRT emulation is something to behold.

Thanks again, Preparato