Command line options for cores

Hello all

Is there command line options available for core options? Specifically for genplus gx, I want to launch some games in PAL, whereas 99% games I run in NTSC. And want to set a command line for each without keep manually switching? (As there is actually a bug where it doesn’t switch to the right resolution if you switch region from auto/NTSC to PAL during a game.) Some games only released in Europe run too fast in NTSC so I want to force PAL just for a handful of games and “auto” doesn’t work if the game is compatible with USA region too and will just still run in NTSC (too fast)

No command line switches for that, no. However, you can just save the options for that single game from the core options menu and then repeat for the games you want to be PAL.

Alphanu has just pointed out I can point the command line to a cfg file, so I can have any options on that and it’s as good as having all core options from a command line

retroarch -L “C:\Path\To\core.dll” -c “C:\Path\To\Config.cfg” “C:\Path\To\Game.rom”

Hi! I have a related but slightly different question:

I want to load the current MAME Retroarch core (if possible from Launchbox) but using a MAME specific command line parameter (which is different than a retroarch core option command line parameter), in my case -lowlatency. When loading mame without retroarch it would be:

mame insert_here_the_zip_rom_name -lowlatency

I mean, this parameter wouldn’t be one of the Retroarch command line parameters used for different cores. It’s a MAME (current MAME) specific command line parameter. I tried to introduce lowlatency = “true” in the config/mame/mame.cfg file, or mame_lowlatency = “enabled” in the config/mame/mame.opt file but doesn’t seem to work.

To see if it worked or not, while running a MAME game you can go its menu by pressing insert coin+start buttons (by default select+start in a pad/stick) then to go to “configure options” > “advanced options” and you’ll see in the “low latency” disabled inside the “performance options”. Which btw for some reason if you enable it and select “Save Configuration” there doesn’t seem to remain saved anywhere after you quit the game.

Is there any way to include a MAME specific command like parameter like -lowlatency when calling Retroarch? Or a way to include it on a .ini/.cfg/.opt file? On the normal standalone MAME (the one outside retroarch) it’s stored on an .ini file, so I enable it there every time I run that standalone mame it runs enabled.

I don’t think the low latency setting has any effect in RetroArch, as I believe it only affects the MAME frontend, which is bypassed by libretro. I do believe there is a way to pass CLI options (starting with enabling the ‘boot from CLI’ core option), but I forget the syntax and couldn’t find any examples with a search. :confused:

Test have been made confirming it has an effect on RetroArch (when activated from the in-game menu I mentioned) reducing the input lag in a frame.

This feature was developed by the GroovyMame creator to implement that input lag advantage that GroovyMame had into the main MAME. Some shmup enthusiasts who test the input lag in different emulators and platforms confirmed that the MAME included in Retroarch, like the normal MAME, now when activating this reduces its input lag (when vsync disabled and if available gsync/freesync enabled for best performance) to become basically the proper one from the original 2D arcades.

By default is disabled because it may cause small jitter when emulating some modern 3D platforms that don’t always need the same time to render each frame if emulated on a not powerful enough machine.