Commodore 64 core missed

Hello, why in android version of retroarch there isn’t c64 core?:sob: Can i install it manually?

I have Retroarch 1.9.5 on Redmi 9

There are multiple VICE cores (Fast/Accurate/SuperCPU) and Frodo core on Android for C64 emulation. If you don’t see them in “Core Downloader”, you probably need to run “Online Updater > Update Core Info Files” first. It could also because you’re running the play store version that lack some cores.

You can manually download & install VICE & Frodo cores here (assuming you’re running the 64-bit version RetroArch):,, and are VICE C64 Fast/Accurate/SuperCPU cores respectively. Unpack the zip file on your phone and use “Load Core > Install or Restore a Core” to manually install a core.

I have updated core info files but vice still isn’t. anyway, i have installed it manually and works good. Arigatou!