Compatibility for Tengai Makyou Zero Based on Bubble2k16's Source


Been hoping someone take a look at how bubble2k16 was able to make Tengai Makyou Zero compatible with snes9x for the 3DS which is based on snes9x v1.43 and see if it’s possible to add that to the yearstamped cores (2005, 2005+, 2010) for RetroArch as not every device is able to run the main snes9x core.

Sorry but I’m unable to provide any payment but this would be very helpful for those without a more powerful device.


the libretro ports for the year-labeled snes9x are heavily modified to be portable with as much system that retroarch supports. this means that only the team are the ones probably who knows what was removed that broke RTC support. ive tried, but its out of my league…

you can probably try opening an issue in the related core’s thread in github’s page

UPDATE: let me rephrase/add to my existing comment, at least for snes9x2010, its possible to support that rom translation, but there is existing issue with the RTC so the startup diagnostics will fail, and even if you are able to get past diagnostics, the games “time” will not be running… dunno how that will affect the game…