Compile most up-to-date stable release for Xbox

The latest version of RA I could find for original Xbox is 1.7.4, and for PS3 1.85. I was so incredibly impressed with the ozone gui on PS3 after updating that I am now playing my emulated games on a daily basis. It’s a much needed distraction from the pandemic. With this and the recent rapid developments in RA of improving core speeds on legacy devices, it pains me not to have it for my Xbox. Is there some technical or legal reason compilation was stopped for Xbox and PS3?

I’d like to offer an ongoing bounty of $15 per console (Xbox, PS3, Wii) to ensure compilation of the latest stable version of RA as they’re released.

Not wholly unrelated question: Will we ever see a N64 core for PS3? The recent speed improvements have my interest peaked.

N64 core isn’t likely, unfortunately. The best chance there is Daedalus, but it’s not very capable AFAIK (I’ve heard it described as a Mario64 emulator, though I don’t know how true that is) and the video released was just a proof of concept.

Yeah, we stopped distributing anything that requires compiling with proprietary SDKs after repeated concern-trolling by end-users.

I’m glad you’re digging the PS3 port! We’re planning to release a new stable release in the near future (hopefully a week or so), so I’ll try to make sure the PS3 port is included. Some people have a problem with it infinitely scrolling down that we haven’t been able to pin down, but it doesn’t seem to affect everyone.

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I can donate a modded xbox and/or a modded xbox360 to any developer located in the US.

PS I have not experienced the scrolling issue on PS3.


I think the main reason is this GitHub issue:

I’ve never touched HLSL before, but maybe it’s a straightforward API?

I have an Xbox360 that I would really love to use for Retroarch, too. Thanks for all of the hard work retro.

Yep, that’s the one. And yeah, I don’t think it’s too bad, we just don’t have anyone that knows it well enough to do it, or who has the time and inclination to muddle through while learning it as they go.

I contributed to that bounty last month… I’ll contribute again. How much do you think it will take to get some attention? I’m also willing to gift a jailbroken Xbox or Xbox 360 to a developer.