Compiled : no G-Sync / Snap : G-Sync but no gamepad!

Hey people ! I’m turning a bit crazy actually ! I use an Ubuntu 20.04 based distro (KDE Neon) with an Nvidia GPU.

I managed to get the SNAP version of RA running almost perfectly : I have great shaders, G-Sync IS enabled (the status is displayed by the nvidia drivers and I does work as expected : butter smooth 50 Hz in UAE, etc.), low latency, etc. BUT for some reason, my gamepads are not detected. (they USED to be a few weeks back - the only thing that changed is my adding an Nvidia card)

So I tried to build RA from the sources. Now, the gamepads are detected BUT even though I set everything properly in RA, now, G-Sync does not work (the nvidia driver doesn’t display “G-Sync” at the top of the screen but “normal”).

Same issue with the Steam version of RA.

Oh man… Any idea what I could do ?

I’m not that sure. There is something inconsistent. Now for no specific reason it seems G-Sync is enabled under my compiled version of RA. I have to investigate…

I don’t know if this is the same issue, but on my Linux system (also KDE), g-sync just stops working randomly. It’s rare, but it happens. The only fix is to reboot.

Hmm… Strange indeed. Now it keeps working. Well, that’s amazing, I don’t miss my FPGA Amiga or real Amiga anymore ! :slight_smile:

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The snap sandbox blocks off a bunch of stuff by default and you have to grant privileges manually. Specifically, RetroArch needs:

  - joystick
  - raw-usb
  - removable-media

You can connect them by running:

sudo snap connect retroarch:joystick :raw-usb :removable-media

Hi ! Thanks for your reply !

Nope, permissions already granted (and it used to work a few weeks back). Must be something else :-/

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