Completely strange behavior with Fuse

This happens when i try to load TZX roms with fast load enabled.

I have a XBOX One controller that i use with RetroArch. When the controller is OFF or disconnected, the games load fine. But when the controller is ON/connected, the games crash RetroArch on load!

I tried games such as Rainbow Islands, Robocop, Ghostbusters 2, etc. They all behave the same way.

With TAP roms, the games load fine regardless. But i only have a very small collection of those. My main collection is TZX.

I can replicate the issue 100% of times btw.

Funnily enough, RetroArch doesn’t really crash though… it just freezes for a long time. Anywhere between 5 to 10 minutes. During this time the program is unresponsive and you can only force quit it. But if you wait for 10 minutes the game will eventually load. Yeah, i discovered that by accident, i loaded a game, RA froze and the phone rang so i left it there.

I have no idea why the connected controller does that. And only with this particular type of files.

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